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Terms of Condition WhatGroupLink.com

Note: This website is not affiliated of WhatsApp and all the groups on it are created by different owners.

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Do you accept our terms then you will allow visit this website. And if you are not accept our term of condition then close this website tab. Or find more sites.

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Group Terms

If you are using this web site, you agree that we may make any changes to this site such as deleting your group. And your group can be add into another web site as well. Or your group may also be removed when a complaint is received.

If you are add your group link to this website, it means that anyone in your group can join. You should keep an eye on the members of your group to remove the wrong people from the group immediately.

Money Scam Terms

There are also a lot of shopping and product groups so take care of this one yourself. Because

Donโ€™t trade money with strangers, so a lot of people in the groups are good and bad too. In that case we are not responsible for anything.

Avoid doing anything that you think is harmful to you, so whatgouplink.com will not be responsible for this.

Term of WhatGroupLink

Whatgrouplink.com is a groups platform. Here you can join WhatsApp groups of different countries. There is no guarantee that the content of WatgroupLink.com will continue to be life-long as it may be updated in the future. As you have already been told.

And โ€œWhatGroupLink.comโ€ does not accept responsibility for any group. So you can complain to any group and we will try to remove this group immediately.

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